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Thursday, 11 December 2008


My answer… it did slightly, but I’m working on it after having been given a kick up the arse.

You see, working from home comes with many plus points. Not having to commute into the office is bloody fantastic as it means not having to smell a city man’s foul armpit. It also means you don’t have to watch chicks turning into a completely different person whilst they transform their ‘face’ before reaching the office. It means no need to be fighting through the wind and rain to get to work every day and it also means you no longer have to look at the junior members of your team, telling them telepathically that its fine for you to be late as you have a valid reason, but it isn’t fine for them to be late due to a hangover or the fact they had next to no sleep, after picking up ‘some fit guy’ which resulted in them staying at his house or checking into a hotel. Now let’s list the negatives… it means not being able to have your daily dose of Martin and Lucy on Choice FM coming through your phone, it means not being able to pick up the essential morning read of the Metro Newspaper. Lastly, but more importantly, it means missing out on the walk from home to the train station, walking between stations to change lines and doing the 10 minute walk from the train station to the office, then doing it all over again in the evening. What’s negative about the last reason I hear you ask? Let me tell you… this was the only bit of regular exercise my body received.

I tried the whole gym thing whilst working for my previous employer, (I actually worked in a gym for a year an a half back in the day), but as the pressures of PR got more intense, the last thing I wanted to do after leaving the office between the hours of 7- 11pm was go and do a work out. I decide to make some time to exercise and signed up for a weekly swimming class which I loved, but since giving birth to boss lady I haven’t returned, however this is all about to change… I promise you.

Rewind to 1 hour ago... I just came back from an appointment with my nurse, just to do a routine check… the usual stuff. During which she ask me to jump on the scales as she wanted to record my weight. I stepped on and she did her checks then told me it was fine for me to step down. She then said I was around 6 pounds or so… I asked her to convert this into stones and after fiddling with her scale converter, she said “you’re 11 stone”. A bit shaken by the ’11 stone comment’, I then said, “is my weight ok for my height” whilst putting my UGGs back on my feet and picking up my blackberry as I was attempting to keep myself busy so I could ‘just about hear’ what she about to say if it was good news and block it out if it was bad news, does that makes sense? “Actually, I was about to tell you that you’re over weight and you need to go on a diet” she replied so matter – of fact -ly. She continued to say “I would say you should look to lose around 1 ½ stones”… I don’t think my head has ever shot up so fast.

In my shock and vex-ness I called my friend FS as I needed to vent, there was no way I was calling my boyfriend. The first thing he would do would laugh and sing “who ate all the pies”, in his wack cockney voice. “I’m officially fat” I told her to which she started to laugh. I explained I had been with the nurse and what she had said to which she replied “Ronks, what you chubby now? I thought you were losing weight”. If my hand could go through the phone and give her one slap across her face her head would be rolling side to side about now. After I finished venting and she finished taking the mick, she ended the phone call with “see you tomorrow fatty”.

Luckily for me earlier this week I enrolled for a Yoga and Dance class as well as re enrolling for my weekly swimming class at the local leisure centre. Cha’ it’s as if God knew what was coming… I’ll be damn if I turn into a self employed, mother of one, who has lost her way from the path of looking good to looking mash up. I’ve already been indirectly dissed re my daily attire of head scarf, tracksuit bottoms and vest top by my boyfriend, (this is another post for another time, PART 2 of this post actually) – and I know the first day his Mum saw what I wore during the day whilst working at home, left her to stare at me longer than she had to. She had only come down into the office to say “morning” after all, why was she staring at me (in silence), 10 seconds after?

Anyway, today’s events have confirmed I need to get serious… I’m supposed to be ‘getting hot for 09’ – if I continue as I am, I’ll be far from ‘hot’ and more like ‘not’ on January 1st 2009.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


So, I’ve been trying to make contact with my web designer for the last two months now. I’ve left numerous voice messages, texts and emails and yet, nothing. No calls returned, no email… nada.

So when I called earlier this morning and his colleague answered, I said politely, ‘Hi can I speak to XXXXX please’, to which she replied ‘yes, who’s calling’. I politely gave my name and she then lowered the mouth piece which allowed me to hear her tell him who was on the phone. Seconds later, she returns to my call and says ‘Err, XXXXX is just taking the rubbish out, he said he will call you back’.

‘Taking the rubbish out?’ Are you for real? If taking your rubbish out is far more important than taking a call from a paying client who has been chasing you for the past eight weeks, then there is no hope. So yes, I think its about time I resign my business from them as well as forget about sending any business their way. Obviously the ‘credit crunch’ isn’t affecting them in anyway whatsoever.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


‘Hell no’. If you're an employer reading this and you have an employee negotiating full time pay on a four day or less week, with her protesting she is capable of doing her job from home whilst her two year old or under is present, then a) she is yet to try it or b) she's simply lying to you.

As regularly readers know, I'm self employed and work from home; however I work from home minus the presence of my 10 month 'boss lady'. Unfortunately for me and my older sister, but fortunately for my parents, they have run off to relax in Nigeria for two whole months! Do I have a problem with this? ‘Hell yeah’. Ok, well not a problem per say as it is their time to take long breaks, after working so hard for so many years, but from Monday - Friday, 9am - 6.30 (or whenever I'm ready), our parents normally look after boss lady and my nephew of 20 months. Worries of dropping off the baby late? ‘No, I’m my own boss and my parents don’t have a time where boss lady has to be dropped off in the morning. Any worries about being late to pick her up? ‘No. She’s with her grandparents, so they relish in any time they have with her.’ Worries about being charged a late fee because I missed my train home from work? ‘No, because 1) I work at home which is literally 10 minutes by car from my parents and 2) because if they ever charged me a late fee, I'd just laugh in their face.’J

It’s been two weeks since they've gone and I can honestly say I've probably done an hour or two's work in these two weeks, whilst having boss lady present. Admittedly, I've been off sick with a bad viral infection for three weeks, however even if I wanted to, I wouldn't and couldn't have got a few solid hours of work completed each day. Between the coughing up of my guts and mini naps the 'princess' has, by the time I get into the rhythms of work, I have to stop, due to madam wanting a feed or to be changed... Or even just wanting a bit of attention... (Sounds like I'm dealing with her father?! Just joking babe!).

So taking this all into consideration, how the hell is a working mum of a baby or toddler suppose to work, ensuring she achieves the same level of productivity she would have achieved back in the office? Answer? It’s not possible. For work to be productive at home I would hope you would all be realistic. The child should be looked after by others, whether it be the grandparents (if you’re lucky like me to have them around, living near) or with a childminder (sorry, I fell your pain re the cost of a second mortgage – cos’ it might as well be the case, the amount they charge now a days!). Either way, when you plan to become pregnant, these are one of the many things you and your partner NEED to consider. Will you become a housewife/stay at home Mum? Will you go back to work and send your newborn to a childminder/nursery? Or will your man be the one to change the nappies during the day whilst you go out to earn the cheddar? Either way, it’s something which needs to be discussed as soon as you’ve finished peeing on the stick.


I remembered I sent the below email to friends earlier this month and thought it would be something good to share with you all too.

Hi Friends,

Barack Obama’s win to become the 44th US President on the 4 November this year, did something to a majority of people across the world. It highlighted to most that ‘CHANGE’ is possible. Change in perceptions, family life, work, love – anything. To me, it hit home that anything is possible. Any dream, aspiration which I possess, runs with the knowledge that there is no reason why I won’t be able to achieve these aspirations, providing I have the passion, motivation and focus required to do so. After this monumental day, I made a promise to myself that if I had the ability to assist with changing any negative in life into a positive, I would stop, take time out and do just that. I hope you will too.

Friday, 14 November 2008


I’m not one to floss in order to show off, I just like nice things. Yes I admit, I do have expensive taste – however having ‘expensive taste’ is not something to be frowned upon. Well I don’t think it is.

I work hard at home in my role as a mother and girlfriend as well and at work. I want to be a success story, career wise and I want to eventually be in a position were I am able to ‘give back’ and work with those who are in a less fortunate position. I know I’m extremely ambitious and with such ambition the ‘want’ for the ‘nicer things in life’ spears its head from time to time.

Two years ago I was in a financial position where I was able to have the cash to buy myself a decent car. I had been through an emotional draining few months (and years), so I believed at the time I was allowed to ‘treat’ myself as in my mind, ‘it’s was bloody well due’. After much hmmming and ahhhing I decided on a BMW Mini then at the last minute decided to buy a second hand silver Audi TT (after finding a good deal on auto trader which I thought would be silly to miss out on). The car was and is fantastic. I love everything about it and I suppose to an extent, I loved what it said about me. Being a self employed black woman, I enjoyed when clients, saw me pull up or pull away in this beauty, they would have an 'additional' amount of respect for me; as being the owner of such a car, comes with many preconceptions which I believe, were mostly positive. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the reason why I bought the car, however after purchasing it, this did make me smile whilst driving it.

Yesterday I took my car to the local Audi garage to be serviced and this morning my mechanic Clayton, called to inform me the turbo on my car had gone and the cost of replacing this part, plus labour was up to £2000. In my surprise, I didn’t scream ‘what’ or have a cry uncontrollably. Maybe the shock hadn’t hit me. I’ve been quite calm about it, up until now. Not long before I started writing this blog, I can admit, I did quietly sob into my hands. Anyhow, my options at present are to either pay the £2k and fix the car, or sell it at a discounted price and smile with the small change I get from it, which won’t be a lot considering people will now probably view the car as a ‘faulty’ car. I’m still looking at my options and currently looking at all angles in order to get the best deal, but one thing I have learned is that whilst I had the cash to purchase such a prestigious car two years ago , it didn’t mean I could AFFORD it. If I could afford it, then I would be able to afford the £400 plus price tag for servicing of the car (every 6 months or so) and also afford to replace such ‘expensive’ parts which need replacing when they’ve decided to die... credit crunch or no credit crunch. As much as I’m doing well with my work, I’m no ‘baller’. It’s a great shame I’ve had to learn this HARSH and EXPENSIVE lesson only now. I suppose I should be grateful that I’m dealing with this minor set back, rather than making a million and then spending it all only to then become bankrupt a la Will Smith style. If you’ve ever watched his True Hollywood Story on channel E! on sky, you understand why he talks so passionately re him appreciating his current financial position and the fact that he is thankful as well as grateful to God for each day as you don’t know what tomorrow brings… Whilst my misfortune may be a smaller price to pay in comparison to what Will experienced, it burns like I've just had 'Extra Hot' Peri Peri chicken from Nandos and its the next day. This is one lesson that I will definitely remember for the future. So friends, the next time you see me driving a car like my beloved TT, is the day when I’m a bonafide flosser’. A flosser who hasn’t hit her flossing status prematurely. A flosser, who owns her 5 bedroom house in Dulwich village with a field as the back garden.

Does anyone know where the nearest 'Ford' dealership is? Actually, where's my Oyster card?

Monday, 10 November 2008


Not sure what to say other than, 'you gotta' love him'!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Last night I set the alarm on my blackberry to go off for 5am as I wanted to watch the US election results come in live. As I woke to the beep and turned my alarm off, my bberry began to beep a few times more, only this time it was notifying me of text messages coming in. I ran downstairs and started shaking my boyfriend to wake up as he had fallen asleep on the sofa in front of the TV which was now on standby – I had left him there at 1.30am earlier. I held my phone in my hand as I knew what the subject matter of the multiple texts was. It was only ever going to be something of significance. Plus the Facebook icon on my blackberry started flashing that I had 6 new messages/notifications. Something ‘good’ was most definitely happening.
I picked the remote up and hit the Sky button and right in front of me the words “BARACK OBAMA ELECTED US PRESIDENT” ran at the bottom of the screen. As I jumped up and looked at my boyfriend, a shiver went down my spine. The television coverage I had watched prior, before going upstairs to feed the little one, seemed pretty sure Barack Obama was going to become the 44th President of the United States, however seeing it on the screen and on the numerous text messages I had now viewed, was mind blowing if not to say the least.
Never in my lifetime did I think we would see such history taking place. I mean, I haven’t really followed the election campaigns as such, didn’t think there was any point as there would be “no way” America, a country where the KKK was notoriously present, a country which told Rosa Parks, a 42 year old African American woman to give her seat up so a white man could sit down instead, a country which saw the assassination of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X , a country where the film and book ‘Mississippi Burnings’ which is based on a true story and is something which captured me way back in the 1990’s during an English lesson; something, which still affects me to this day… no freggin’ way. Well, was I so damn wrong. Barack Obama has made it. On January 20, 2009 Obama will enter the ‘White House’. Jeez… saying it as I type is still making me shudder, however I have a fat ass grin on my face.
This is something which has affected me and it seems a majority of people whether Black, Asian, White, Chinese, young, old in such a good way, it’s unreal. I am so elated Mr Obama is in the White House. That he is the 44th US President. That he, an African American, is now the LEADER of the Western world!
I received an email from a close friend this morning which read
“This is not just a triumph for the Black Americans...... This is truly a monumental day for ALL Black people!! ....

It was truly touching to see my brothers and sisters striding with pride on their way to work this morning, despite the worries of the credit crunch....

..It's time for us to paint the White house BLACK!! Then the House of Parliament next!

I pray that Almighty God will keep Obama safe from the hatred of those who wish to keep us down as a people..... May he have a productive and successful administration

I will tell of this day to my grandchildren with pride...”
Her email echoes everything I’m thinking and feeling about this historical moment.
For me, I don’t actually NEED to see a black Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street to know we as black people CAN make it to be people in positions of power. Today has been etched in my mind that “Change” is possible. Anyone who tells me I can’t achieve my dreams, my aspirations, my ‘Oprah Wannabe’ goals, will just have to hear me utter the words of Mr Obama “YES WE (in this case, I) CAN”.
What an inspiration Mr Obama and his wife Michelle are. I pray the good Lord will guide and direct them to absolute success.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Is this wrong? This OPRAH WANNABE is very ambitious and in order for me to get it right with one of my many business venture ideas (if not all), I have to have my fingers in many pies… right? Some may say this is greedy, but is it? I’m 29 years old so I’m still young enough to have the energy to juggle several things at once. (Well this may not be the case since I had ‘boss lady’ and lost my brain cells during pregnancy and they haven’t all return during post pregnancy), but you know what I mean. I’m determined to be successful in my endeavours and with my ambition, comes a brain that doesn’t stop working overtime, trying to developing yet another business ideas which could possibly work. You know, the money focussed ones, not the ones which I have a particular passion for or interest to. Those ideas I will do regardless, as they bring happiness to my life and is what I enjoy.

I used to be quite an open individual, telling anyone who would listen my life plans. One day a friend of my ex, who I was close to at the time, said he loved my openness and my fearlessness. Openness to talk to anyone and fearlessness towards the people I was open to, stabbing me in the back with things we had discussed. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t and am not stupid enough to tell my life story and personal stuff to any old Tom, Dick or Harry, however, I do believe in giving people a chance and having a bit of trust up front… does this make sense? It’s the way my parents raised me… (Even if I do feel they both allow people to walk over them!) Anyway, my openness to talk about my business endeavours, life goals etc, skewed slightly when I started trying to build on my many ‘business ideas’ and those, or should I say one person in particular, who I considered to be closed to me, starting ‘watching’ me with his/her green eyes. Why can’t people just be happy for each other? Scrap that, why can’t people who you consider to be ‘friends’ just be happy for you. Instead when you phone or speak to them to let them know how you’re progressing in life, you hear or see in their eyes, that ‘green light’ flickering. I’m able to spot it almost immediately nowadays and the times it happens, I’m extremely pissed off in the first instance. Eventually my vexness turns to motivation, but its annoying this happens amongst our peers, surely we should all support each other? I mean, all of my close girlfriends are ambitious, all doing their own thing and I know when they are excited, gushing over their recent achievements, I’m there gushing with them, after all, there is nothing like a successful woman. So why isn’t everyone like this? And why is it when I had a conversation with someone about my business plans many moons ago, they said to me “you’re greedy, you have your fingers in too many pies”…

…In the words of the infamous So Solid Crew... “So many haters”…


I’m so annoyed. During my 5 years working for my ex employer I refused to drink the drug they call coffee. Instead I would just open my big mouth, yawning to my hearts content then put my head back down to work. Fast forward to now, I’ve reached the age of 29, am a mother of a 9 month old baby girl, a house girl, girlfriend to a 30 + year old boyfriend, house girl, entrepreneur and a house girl. (For all you NON Africans reading this, a ‘house girl’ is basically the house skivvy who cooks, cleans and does everything else, you can’t be bothered to do). Anyway, I’m now struggling to stay awake past 11am and have been fighting this for the past three months or so. With the PR business doing well (thank the Lord), I’m getting busier each day, so in order for me to remain professional and meet all client targets/deadlines, I’m having to drink this poison. Vex, vex, vex.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Do you remember when Cheryl Cole was reported in the national tabloid press for apparently beating up on an ‘Aunty’ in the toilets of a night club? It’s like it had the same effect on black Britons. All of us routed for her on ITV’s reality show Popstars, when she was battling it out with the other Girls Aloud wannabe’s to make the band. I even remember voting for her and I only vote for those I truly like on this addictive but oh so necessary reality show! She came across so down to earth and was a popular choice by all, including the black general public. So when pictures of this Ghanaian Aunty appeared in all the red tops, I with every other black person was absolutely gutted, she had been reported to have APPARENTLY committed such an attack on another human being… especially an ‘elder’. You know how we have to have respect for our elders!

So, you can imagine the pain I’m now going through to stop myself from liking her, now she’s on The X Factor. Damn her! She comes across so personable, funny and REAL, which is why I’m sure we all liked her in the first place. I’m ashamed to admit, but I’ve even gone to the length of trying to justify my new like towards her, that maybe the media just sensationalised what happened. Maybe she did have an argument with ‘Aunty Comfort’ whilst in the club toilets and then Aunty claimed she was beaten up by her as she knew who Cheryl was! God I’m so fickle… I’m ashamed.
Plus, it doesn’t help that when she’s not busy looking like a W.A.G, which by the way is a look I can’t stand… All that big hair and oversized sunglasses which are clearly too big for their lollipop heads, I just don’t get. However, everyone has their off days and I believe of recent, Cheryl has more than made up for these fashion faux pas. Just check out these pictures of her looking, classy, pretty and on trend. Aghhh! I’m so gone! Fickle, fickle, fickle… that’s me. Hey, but seriously, Aunty could have made the whole thing up, I lie?


It's not only 'fun' stuff I write about on my blog, remember I'm an 'OPRAH WANNABE' and if you're a follower of my blog, I'm sure you are one too - so get reading the brief article below. Not only is it interesting, it may give you food for thought for your business.

VIDEO HAS BECOME AN ESSENTIAL ASPECT OF WEBSITE DESIGN, BRAND COMMUNICATIONS AND SALES GENERATION. Many Black & Minority Ethinic (BME) businesses affected by the credit crunch are restructuring and re-assessing their online activities, whilst print, radio and tv audiences are dwindling, they are looking for more cost effective ways to market, network, promote and find new areas of to develop their businesses.

An Ofcom study by the government reported findings showing that, of all internet users in the UK, a higher proportion of people from Ethnic Minority Groups have broadband (80%) than the UK average (74%).(*1)

With the Ofcom report providing further information about mobile usage and DVD ownership, this study information would proved a useful in gaining insight into consumer trends, to leading to new sales opportunities and revenue.

Those businesses outside the BME sector are getting involved in the web video revolution, with the rise of the Google owned Youtube, many saw the benefits of properly managed video marketing campaigns, those same businesses are using all web platforms to get their brand, staff, marketing and promotion out there, generating new business, new leads and sourcing competitive suppliers.

HD Productions an online media production and web video marketing company, that advises business and provides training for those looking at creating a more effective web presence, got involved with creating video for the internet for clients, gave a few reasons as to why video is as important as a website.

“ We felt that, many people in the business world are hearing the buzzwords like - ‘podcast’, ‘web 2.0’, 'RSS', ‘social networking’, and wonder how they can market their products and services with them, we're able to simplify the jargon and show how it can work for their business. It's not hard having to explain the benefits of an online 24 hour sales presence.”

“Even newspapers such as The Sun, The Mirror commission and use video online to promote news items and reach out to a larger audience, than their paying readership. More recently *The BBC announced that they will launch six new Youtube channels, as a way to getting a larger audience via a multilingual news service.”

Web video as an advertising, sales and marketing tool, is more cost effective than television, radio or print.
With some of the world’s largest companies are now marketing their products extensively through the internet through video, at sites like YouTube, MySpace and other social networks.

It is up the BME businesses to take note or get left behind in the ever increasing online market, with web video topping 12 billions views in May, this figure has several more years to get even larger and accounting for more than fifty per cent of internet traffic by 2012. It would be wise to seek advice at the earliest opportunity to get your web video strategy right.

The above article was taken from a recent post on www.ethnicnow.com


BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) groups make up 7.9% of the UK’s population, 29% of London’s population.

By 2051, 29% of the population will be from an ethnic background.

Since the expansion of the EU in 2004, over 600,000 Polish people have arrived in the UK.

Black African and Bangladeshi are the fastest growing ethnic populations in the UK
BAME groups have a spending power of £32 billion a year, set to rise to £85 billion by 2010.

Londoners speak over 300 languages and belong to 14 different faith groups.

There are over 250,000 ethnic minority businesses in the UK.

By 2010 ethnic minorities will be in the majority across all the UK’s major cities

Monday, 6 October 2008


Inspiration to stay focused on your goals comes in many forms. From reading an inspirational book or watching and inspirational film. From talking to friends and family, throwing ideas back and forth, or observing your daily surroundings. My inspiration of recent has come from a British born Nigerian living in the UK, named Paula B Sofowora. A lawyer for financial services organisation Zurich, Sofowora has created a book called "Discover Nigeria". It’s a book to help readers explore the West African country and discover what it’s really like. With an exciting range of colourful photographs and up-to-date information, the book covers all aspects of Nigeria, from history and geography to family life, ethnic groups, sports and cooking. It also touches on famous Nigerians all around the world, such as musicians Seal, Fela Kuti and Sade, mathematician Phillip Emeagwali and Hollywood actors Sophie Okonedo, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Sofowora says, “Discover Nigeria gives those with an interest in learning about different countries the opportunity to discover the history, language and culture of one of the richest countries in Africa”.

“Discover Nigeria” is the first volume of the “Discover” series which Sofowora has written and is a useful resource to support the National Curriculum in Citizenship, Geography, History and Religious Education at Key Stages 2 and 3. She has also written two brightly illustrated picture books about Ijapa, a Nigerian trickster, for children aged 5- 9 and is editor of the quarterly online magazine Naija Konnections which can be found at www.amlappublishing.com.

I've had the privilege to have viewed all three of Sofowora's books before they reached the shelves at Waterstones and Amazon and I can tell you they are impressive. It's not often I've personally come across a black individual producing a product, who has simultaneously been able to carry themselves professionally, whilst having produced an equally professional product, which they plan to sell to the general public. There is normally some excuse... due to lack of time, resource, whatever - they are unable to produce a squeaky clean quality looking product. Listen up peeps. There is no excuse for laziness when it comes to work. Be the best you can be as I'm sure there may be other factors the general public or potential employer may plan to scrutinise you on, even if their reasons for doing so are unfair – that’s life. Don't give them the opportunity to embarrass you on something you could have rectified before hand.

Sofowora has a day time job which I would imagine is extremely stressful. A lawyer at a financial services company? Of course she's stressed, with next to no time to do anything else. Especially in this CREDIT CRUNCH climate. However she knew for her to be taken seriously in the publishing world and as a black woman, she would need to come correct. She should be an inspiration to all Oprah Wannabe's. If she can do it, why can't we?

“Discover Nigeria” is published by Amlap Publishing and is available from December 2008 at all major bookshops and on line at www.amlappublishing.com, retailed at £14.99. ISBN 978-0-9546116-2-0. If you found out a bookstore doesn’t stock the book, make sure to leave the book details so they CAN start stocking it. Remember… its all about supply and demand 


Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the
family business.

When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to share his fortune.

One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Her natural beauty took his breath away. "I may look like just an ordinary man, he said to her, but in just a few years, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 million pounds".

Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three days later, she became his stepmother.

Women are so much better at estate planning than men.

Too funny! This is something that was forwarded to me which made me laugh out loud and some may say it is right up my street as an Oprah Wannabe. Not that I would actually do this... Or would I? "Babe what did you say your friends, cousin's Uncle was called again? You know the millionaire"?


Something which I absolutely love is my circle of friends. Apart from the obvious reasons as to why, like listening to each other bitch or moan about our other halves, (not that I partake in such nonsense chit chat babe, should you be reading!), but I also love my friends for the support we all give one another on issues which are separately important to us. Whether it is personal development, health and fitness or careers focussed, the instant support given, is ‘oh so’ refreshing.

My friends and I regularly discuss what we want to achieve in the aforementioned areas and there is always one (if not all) offering those encouraging words of support and advice in a bid to help push the other to excel in their pursuits. Whilst I, this Oprah Wannabe, believe I have the drive and focus which is required for me to cross out the individual entries I have listed on my “where I wanna’ be by the time I’m 30, 35, 40 and so on list” re my business endeavours, just having my ladies there to give me that EXTRA PUSH I find really empowering. Can’t thank you enough guys. When the house in Dulwich with the massive garden, walk in wardrobe, I mean, dedicated room for fashion and double en suite is here, cookouts will be at SE21 every weekend, promise!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Ok, yesterday was the first day of the rest of my ‘business’ life, however I have been self employed now since December 2005. I’ve been working in PR for the past 10 years and worked for the last 5 at a fantastic London agency called Shine. I decided it was time to go it alone for many reasons, after working my arse off as a Senior Account Manager for some great clients like Timberland, Ted Baker, FCUK, Quiksilver, Roxy, Paramount, ECB (English Cricket Board) and Channel 4. Plus, I was also fed up with office politics, but that's another story. Anyway, I’ve been freelancing ever since as well as setting up the beginnings of the business empire I hope one day to resemble the likes of great entrepreneurs who have inspired me such as Russell Simmons, Rachel Bell and Ms Winfrey (of course).

Also in this time I’ve been through a mini messy divorce (close friends might say), lost all contact with my soon to be adopted son (not by choice), moved out of my co-owned flat and moved in with my sis and her husband, got friendly with a family friend of 15 years, kept it a secret from my family as it was 6 months after leaving my ex (yes, I know, it was too soon, BUT there was no stopping it), fell in love with said friend of 15 years, got pregnant (not advisable for the daughter of Nigerian parents, especially the ‘not being married bit), attended various 'family meetings' to help resolve the so called shame I had brought on the family, had a beautiful baby girl and that brings me to now…

There are many things I want to achieve in life, help the homeless, help those living in poverty back home (Nigeria), basically set up a organisation which covers the above. I also want to continue working in the fickle world of fashion as I just love it, but in a different capacity - other than a fashion PR. I’ve always wanted to own a vintage/retro store – a cross between Urban Outfitters, Yellow Dirty Bastard Rat (New York), JoY (London) and Ambience (San Francisco). Also I have a few other ideas under my sleeve which will remain there… well, for now… I’m still in the process of working them up.

Anyway, today has been a good day, work wise. I was given a new business lead a few weeks ago for a fashion client. We met up the other week, had a great meeting – we just seemed to really get on. So well she didn’t feel there was a need for me to present credentials and ask me to go straight to developing a PR proposal for her expanding business. So, that’s what I’ve been working on today, pulling the proposal together. I’ve been at it since 6.30am this morning. Boss lady decided she was happy to watch a bit of GMTV and LK Today whilst sat on her play mat, so I dare not disturb her. At least I have been able to have some time to pick up where I left it and start writing up the presentation slides. She’s now with my parents so it’s all good.

It’s was approaching 4 o/c when I started writing today’s post. I was feeling tired and losing concentration on the proposal (boss lady woke up at 5am this morning for her daily 30 minute moan whilst STILL being fast asleep), so I decided it would be a good time to blog… (Especially as my good friend DF had told me off yesterday for not adding to my blog THE MUSINGS OF A BLACK SISTA (which I’ve since deleted) for quite a while. I suppose I can say she is the one who gave me a kick up the arse in regards to getting back on the blogging thing which resulted in this blog… (she’ll be happy with that). Anyway, long enough break from the daily grind… back to work.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


So, the day has come. The first day of the rest of my life. I pledge from this day on I will remain focused on my goal of becoming a successful businesswoman. Like Oprah, but no way near her worth as my business interests I doubt will take me to such a level. However, this doesn't mean I can't achieve greatness, right? Yes, this country (Great Britain) makes it hard for us to not live "hand to mouth" (or "hand to neck" in my case), but hey, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't at least try, right?

I will use this blog to keep a diary of my trials and tribulations whilst trying to achieve that level of greatness. Enjoy the ride... someone has to.